Software for Corrugated Industry

Software for Corrugated Industry

Software for Corrugated Industry

Hone In Systems has done the majority of its work in software for corrugated industry. Our team spent time working in this industry and they understand the unique challenges those in this industry face. From the seeming never-ending consolidation to price fluctuations (although consolidation seems to be causing these to stabilize), we understand the world of paper based packaging, specifically corrugated boxes.

Although we’d consider looking at all options, we are not looking to be a competitor to the major software companies in this industry such as Kiwi Data Systems Inc. These companies have spent years refining their estimating, order entry, inventory management and accounting systems, among other things. It would probably not be cost effective for us to build a ground up estimating system to compete with those currently in the marketplace as we feel they do a pretty good job already.

What types of software for Corrugated Industry does Hone In Systems make?

Our experience in the industry and working with existing industry systems has shown us that one system can’t effectively do everything. Many of the business systems (ERP systems) do the core things very well. However, with the speed of technology advances there are many things which these systems don’t do well or don’t do at all.

Waste Tracking – Those plants with corrugators know that waste at the corrugator accounts for 75-95% of overall waste. This waste costs plants hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars each year. It’s easy to think that this is industry standard and it’s just a “way of life” but it shouldn’t be this way. With the proper system to track, measure and inform, Hone In Systems can help you make a dramatic impact on waste. For most plants, a 1-3% decrease in waste is very attainable. This type of improvement has a payback period of less than 3 months.

Dashboards – Do you provide insight and visibility of your Key Performance Indicators to those who have the greatest ability to affect those numbers? If so, is it real-time or at the end of the week/month? We believe that providing easy to read, real-time visual indicators of status can increase efficiencies, reduce waste and improve revenues. Imagine if you didn’t have a speedometer on your car and you received a printout of your distance traveled, average speed and average RPM’s, when you stopped. There’s a good chance you’d end up with either a lot of speeding tickets or would be late to a lot of meetings.

Our dashboard software for corrugated industry can be tailored for customer service, plant floor, sales, executive management, shipping and design. They typically integrate with the existing business system and can be accessed from any internet connection.

Integrations – Because we have experience with many of the major business systems, we know how to extract data from these systems and set up integrations. We can set up an integration to our own custom software for corrugated industry or connect a business system to an existing piece of software, such as a CRM application, accounting system or purchasing system.

Mobile Applications “Apps” – It’s no secret that going mobile is not just a trend; it’s here to stay. Mobile access to data allows faster decision making and a virtual presence, no matter where you are. Whether you need an app which shows KPI’s in the plant (corrugator speed, downtime, schedule, MSF shipped, backlog), sales data (pipeline, customer segmentation, $ shipped by customer) or a custom facing app (place orders, check inventory, etc), we can build it for you. Surprisingly, apps are less expensive to build than most people think. Call us today to learn more about software for corrugated industry.

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) – Although we do not build custom CMMS, we have worked with several existing systems. We excel at providing integrations and customizing many of the major CMMS systems. Because we understand how most corrugated plants and equipment work, we can help set up Preventative Maintenance schedules as well as configure and customize the work order portion of the system to best match the requirements of corrugated box plants.

Our strength is having vast experience in software for corrugated industry

While Hone In Systems has a wide variety of development abilities, our strength is having vast experience in software for corrugated industry, working with a wide variety of systems in multiple plants. We believe anyone can develop software and systems, but the most valuable partner truly understands the clients needs. We’re in the best position to understand and deliver software for corrugated industry on the needs of corrugated manufacturers.